Q: I just received a gift certificate.  What do I do now?

A: Email Members@Sossexi.org and we will make arrangements for you.


Q:  I don’t want you to have to deliver fish to me.  Can I pick up fish instead?

A:  Of course. Pick up fish  Fridays 10am to 6:30 pm – at Marj Bates Studio, 28 Rebecca Rd  (Lighthouse Point)
If this is inconvenient send us an email and we’ll make another arrangement. Members@Sossexi.org

 Q: I am having an event and would like to purchase your fresh caught local fish.  Do you offer this service?

A: Yes, please email us at Members@Sossexi.org and tell us what and when you need.

Q: Is Fish Farmed or Wild?

A: Wild

Q: what kind of species of fish do the fishermen provide?

A: flounder – many different varieties, flounder, skate, Atlantic cod, squid,
     hake, whiting, bluefish, rock salmon to name a few.

Q: What happens if it is inclimate weather and fishermen can’t get out to catch fish?

A: Any week fish is not distributed will be ‘tacked on’ to the end of your contract, you will not lose a week’s fish share

Q: How much fish will I receive at each pick up?

A:  A half pound , 1 pound, 2 pounds or whatever you wish to purchase

Q: Do you have some choice about what fish you receive ?

A: No.  The hardworking dedicated Fishermen are at the mercy of the sea catch of the day.

Q: Is there a membership fee?

A:  No, like a Community Supported Agriculture group, members of the Community Supported Fishery pay up front for the fish  and receive their fish weekly.

Q: When do fish deliveries begin?

A: We have different 10 week seasons.  You can join anytime and we will prorate your membership.

Q: I would like to purchase 10 weeks of fish but will be away most of July.  Can I get the weeks I missed in August instead?

A:Unfortunately, we will not be able to juggle weeks of pickups.  During the weeks you might not be able to pick up your fish, you could have a friend pick it up instead.   Remember our fish is so fresh freezing fish is an option.  You will be delighted when you get home and cook your fish to find it is still awesomely fresh!

Q:  What if I paid for my fish and am called out of town due to an emergency and and am unable to pick up my fish on any given week?

A: You may send a friend or neighbor to pick up fish for you. If no one is available to pick up fish for you we will donate your share to the Scituate Food Pantry.

Q:  What happens if I try fish for a couple weeks and don’t like?

A:   Perhaps you could share your fresh fish with a friend or the food pantry.  SOSSEXI does not issue refunds.

Q:  What happens if it is rainy on the day I am supposed to pick up my fish?

A:  Rain, hail, sleet or snow…SOSSEXI will be there with your fish at the designated pick up area.

Q:  I am too skittish to pay for my fish on line.  May I send a check to purchase my shares?

A: Sure.  Please make check payable to SOSSEXI and mail to:

28 Rebecca Rd
Scituate, MA 02066

Q: I would love to try a fish I never ate or heard of before!  How do I cook fish though

A: Check out our recipes! 

Q: I have some tasty recipes I would love to share with the community.

A:  Thank you.  We welcome any recipes you’d like to send along!   Please
email recipes to Members@Sossexi.org

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