6  Weeks left for our Fall Season  – 2015
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Welcome to South Shore Seafood Exchange
our Community Supported Fishery fondly known as Sossexi! 

Sossexi has been providing fish to folks like you right off the Scituate
Fishermen’s boats since 2012 and we are just getting started !

 2015 Fall Season is in Full Swing!
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Sossexi sells filleted fish to individuals, families and restaurants.

Sossexi offers pickup locations and home delivery service.

Fish Varieties Include: Cod, Flounder, Haddock, Monk, Rock Salmon, Whiting,  Skate, Hake,
Butterfish, Pollock to name a few. We are working on supplying swordfish,
scallops, oysters and other varieties of seafood.

 If you have been following the news you know the fishermen need us now more than ever.  If anyone wants to lend a hand Sossexi needs you!
All for a great cause!  What do we need help with?  Everything!
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